Custom Latin Dress


Having my own ballroom dance dress has always been a dream to me, especially if it’s customized and of my own design. After five years of dancing and two years of competing I finally decided to design a dress based on my own needs and style.


My initial design did not consider cost, the basic look I wanted to go for was to have a belt-look of some sort and an asymmetric dress. I also wanted a warm bright color, although not pink or red. Something bright on the dance floor.

After talking to the dressmaker, he suggested an orange and black trimmings. The black trimmings I thought would be too dark, so I decided on the white lace. Although I wasn’t originally looking for a lace look, it did add the extra bit of elegance that I wanted since the initial shape and color of the dress was very latin.

17692872_10154412495430592_1442325246_o.jpg 17778782_10154412495440592_324970324_o.jpg

I was very happy with the results as it really shines on the dance floor. Dress designing really gets addicting. Time to save up for a standard dress!

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