Hello Hoop Branding


In this modern age where technology is becoming more prominent of society, interactions between friends and family through a screen has become the social norm. People have become more comfortable texting someone over having an actually conversation in person. Society is becoming more isolated while also expanding, but is there a way or place for people to meet and interact face to face without the concerns of awkward situations.

Hello hoop is a social restaurant designed to give Taipei inhabitants a place to meet new people without the bar and club night life setting. Hello hoop encourages the meeting of new people in the most natural way of just being face to face with someone else.


Socialization and meeting someone randomly at a cafe or restaurant is a very western idea, western food is also easier to consume when first meeting someone and having a conversation in comparison to soups or Italian pastas. We also wanted to use very bright colors to encourage eating good food with good people.




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